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homeblurb_programs.jpg We believe community prevention dollars are best spent when we can match tested programs that we know will address the particular risks that are elevated and the protective factors that are low for our community’s youth. We support delivery of these proven strategies with a close eye on both quality of delivery and evidence of effectiveness.

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homeblurb_involved.jpg YOU can help us create lasting community change by gettting involved. There are many different ways you can promote healthy youth development in our community. Start today by exploring our site to learn more!

Raising healthy kids is easier than healing broken adults.

Adolescent substance abuse, violence, delinquency, school dropout, and teenage pregnancy can be prevented.

Every kid deserves a chance to grow up healthy, happy, and productive.

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Did you know...

The attitudes and policies a community has about a problem like drug use or crime are communicated to young people in a variety of ways.  An example of a community norm favorable to alcohol use is the presence of beer tents or alcohol sponsors at events frequented by young people. Parents can help set clear norms for your community’s young people by deciding with other parents what rules and guidelines you will all set for your children. Talking with other parents is a great way to develop shared norms for children’s behavior.

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