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homeblurb_programs.jpg We believe community prevention dollars are best spent when we can match tested programs that we know will address the particular risks that are elevated and the protective factors that are low for our community’s youth. We support delivery of these proven strategies with a close eye on both quality of delivery and evidence of effectiveness.

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homeblurb_involved.jpg YOU can help us create lasting community change by gettting involved. There are many different ways you can promote healthy youth development in our community. Start today by exploring our site to learn more!

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Our community united behind a plan to keep our kids safe, healthy, and making smart choices for the future. Now it’s time to celebrate!

From 2004-2014, rates for local kids
engaged in problem behaviors have fallen
Alcohol use
Marijuana use
School suspensions

YOU can help Five Town Communities That Care meet our spring campaign goal of $30,000. Let’s keep kids moving in the right direction for another
10 years!


Did you know...

You don’t have to want drug treatment for it to be effective.  Virtually no one wants drug treatment. Two of the primary reasons people seek drug treatment are because the court ordered them to do so, or because loved ones urged them to seek treatment. Many scientific studies have shown convincingly that those who enter drug treatment programs in which they face "high pressure" to confront and attempt to overcome their addiction do comparatively better in treatment, regardless of the reason they sought treatment in the first place.

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