What is Guiding Good Choices?

A FREE five-part workshop (once per week for 5 weeks) for parents or caregivers of children ages 9-14. The program seeks to promote healthy youth development and to prevent teen alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by helping parents gain skills to:

  • build family bonds,
  • establish and reinforce clear and consistent guidelines and expectations for behavior,
  • teach children skills to resist peer influence,
  • improve family management practice, and
  • reduce family conflict.

Session Topics

Session One – Getting Started

How to Prevent Drug Abuse in Your Family

Session Two – Setting Guidelines

How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards

Session Three – Avoiding Trouble

How to Say No (Children attend this session with their parents.)

Session Four – Managing Conflict

How to Control and Express Anger

Session Five – Involving Everyone

How to Strengthen Family Bonds


GGC is based on research and has been PROVEN to:

  • Improve parenting skills and parent-child interactions.
  • Reduce adolescent substance abuse.
  • Reduce adolescent depressive symptoms.
  • Reduce rates of self-harm by teens.

In high quality research studies, children of participants had:

  • 40% lower rates of alcohol and marijuana use,
  • 54% less progression to more serious substance abuse,
  • 26% greater likelihood of remaining drug free if not already using drugs,
  • 38% lower rates of self-harm,
  • 28% fewer feelings of worthlessness.


Includes a FREE light dinner for the family and FREE onsite childcare! All materials are provided at no cost to participants.


  • The workshop series is only a five night commitment
  • Series are offered on several different days of the week.
  • Series are offered at different times of the day.
  • Series are available throughout the school year.
  • Series are offered in all five towns.

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We will be offering the next Guiding Good Choices session beginning on Tuesday,  March 17 and running through Tuesday, April 14. Sessions will be offered on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8:00pm at the Lincolnville UC Church in Lincolnville Center. Registrations are due in our offices by March 13.  Call (207) 236-9800 for more info.

Here’s what parents in our community are saying about Guiding Good Choices

I got timely information and practical techniques at a time when I could use it.