Mentoring Programs

Math Mentors

Math Mentors is a skills based tutoring program which includes a strong mentoring component. Middle school students are matched with an adult mentor from the community to receive individualized tutoring in math skills as well as mentoring. Mentors and students meet twice a week during the school year, and at each of those hour-long sessions, approximately fifteen minutes is devoted to mentoring students in order to promote healthy decision making, establishment of healthy behaviors, and increased commitment to school.

Literacy Mentors

Literacy Mentors, modeled after the successful Math Mentors program, is also a skills based tutoring program which features a strong mentoring component. Students work individually with an adult mentor two afternoons per week for hour long sessions and receive tutoring in Reading and Language Usage specific to their areas of need. Fifteen minutes of mentoring is built into each session as well.

More information about Math Mentors and Literacy Mentors is available by calling Thom Ingraham, FTCTC Mentor Coordinator, at 207-236-9800 or emailing

"I think it is a wonderful program." ~ Parent of participant